My Latest Book 'Manifest Your Everything' Is Available From Amazon, Waterstones and all good book shops




Let the magic begin: learn how to feel good, saygoodbye to what doesn't serve you, give yourself love and manifest what you really want.


Manifest Your Everything is based on Nicci's Love Yourself workshop and gives you powerful techniques to have positive shifts in your life.


Discover the art of manifestation with this inspiring, practical and fully illustrated guide to one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Nicci Roscoe draws on decades of experience to offer essential guidance on how to achieve peace and calm, let go of anger and negative emotions, forgive, nurture and listen to yourself and others, find determination and courage, and the best possible path to self-love, grattiude and change. Manifest Your Everything offers a complete journey of healing and transformation. NIcci Roscoe offers unrivalled insight into the best ways to achieve confidence, improve finances, boost career and find your inner god or goddess, through use of practical exercises, crystal energy, and affirmations. Learn to live life to the full again by unlocking the magic of the universe and your own inner powers.


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I'm delighted to have written this children's book entitled 'My Crystal Guide' co-authored with Philip Permutt (The Crystal Healer).


Our book is for children 7 years+ to adults of 107!! It's full of exercises and meditations with crystals and has lots of information about what different crystals mean and what they can do.


It was published on 1st June 2021 by publishers Cico Books and is available initially throughout the English speaking world including UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada with translations to follow.


My Crystal Guide is available on line or on Amazon or in bookshops. 








Fabulous Impact takes you on a rollercoaster journey full of inspiring and motivational personal stories with examples from well-known movies. Nicci gives you exercises and techniques including helping you to boost your confidence, feel courage and find the energy you have been missing physically and mentally. 


"Nicci's book is brilliant. It inspires confidence, courage, energy and so much more to make positive changes. She is full of energy and verve and has an appreciation of life few others can match, exuded throughout this book which is full of stories and great film examples to help your business succed and lifestyle improve. Fabulous!" - Dan Portanier, Celebrity Fitness Trainer