Crystal & Reiki Healing Treatments                                                               

<<“Crystal healing gives you what you need. It can rebalance, rejuvenate and re-energise your mental and physical being”


"Nicci I woke up this morning and felt really happy after my second crystal healing treatment and have a spring in my step. I’ve been laughing and joking and playful and really happy and energized. Haven’t felt like this for a long time, Thank you so much. Can't wait for my third treatment” 


Julie, Property Management, Hampstead




The crystal healing energy can give you the peace and clarity you’re looking for and help you let go of things that don’t serve you.Their healing powers are endless!


I’ve always been fascinated by their beauty since I was a little girl and been amazed at their incredible powerful ability.


I'm delighted to have trained as a Master Crystal Healing Teacher which has enabled me to learn even more advanced healing treatments to give you.


The different vibrations they give can help change your moods and the frequency and vibrations you give off to others.


“I feel much more uplifted. There has certainly been a shift from the first treatment to now. I feel different. I feel lighter. A big dark cloud has lifted and I feel motivated and want to get out of bed and do something like go out for a walk in the rain, up hills and do lots of things on my own.”


Millie, Jewellery Designer, North London


The crystals open up any blockages you may have in your chakras - your body's main seven energy centres of your body - and release so many unwanted energies you may have been carrying with you for many years.


When your chakras are unblocked this enables energy to flow freely through your mind, body and spirit.


"Thank you so much NIcci. Your special crystal healing sessions have helped significantly reduce my anxiety levels. Feeling more relaxed has allowed me to face all of life's challenges head on and enjoy and appreciate every moment. I am now excited to embrace the next phase in my life"


Juliette, Fashion Designer, Islington





When you experience a minimum of three treatments you notice how different each one is and the wonderful effects they have.


"I feel something really has positively shifted in the last few days since the 3rd crystal healing treatment - my energy levels are up, my focus and determination are strong and consistent and I'm feeling happy and positive for all that is coming and that I am working towards. The treatments have really had a wonderful impact and effect and I am so grateful. Thank you Nicci."


Lana, Beauty Therapist, North London


I always experience everything I do to help others. The crystal healings I have been given have helped me with the chronic head pain I have had since having my brain tumour operation in 2002. It has given me a wonderful sense of calm and peace.


I love giving these treatments and seeing the amazing results.


As a Reiki healer I often include Reiki with the crystal healing treatments I give depending on the persons needs.


It’s fascinating and exciting!


If crystal healing isn’t something you’ve been open to and you or a family member or friend are suffering from anxiety, stress, overwhelm, pain physically or mentally or other issues please reach out and let me know.


These treatments can give you so much.


Please contact me by the email address below if you'd like to have a free initial phone chat to discuss how Crystal Healing and Reiki will help you.


"I went to see Nicci following a disastrous relationship break up where I wasn't able to focus on day to day

activities as I couldn't accept that my ex partner had decided not to give me a chance.


Nicci started with on my healing mentally and physically with Crystal Healing and Reiki treatments and her Mind Medication process.


I noticed a difference after just a few sessions where I started to love myself more and focused on my inner feelings and thoughts over external forces.


Nicci has been a life saver and someone who I cannot recomment highly enough. She really did help me get my life back on track and change my mindset on everything I do."


James, Marketing Director, Central London






Fluorite is a wonderful crystal that can help you get rid of the electromagnetic fog you are attracting from your phone, computer, tv. It’s also wonderful at keeping you calm when stressed or anxious and has so many other qualities.


I have an amazing piece of Fluorite in my space and have heard the positive effects it has on others I have recommended it to.


Fluorite’s energy can help you emotionally, physically and mentally and enables you to manage overwhelming issues such as challenging, manipulative, negative work and personal relationships.


"I was in a rut and felt I couldn't move on and after the second treatment I felt very energetic and happy and motivated. I felt a huge shift after the second treatment and felt so much lighter that I could tackle whatever came my way. After the third treatment I felt so much more confident that I could move on with my life. I would highly recommend these crystal healing treatments with Nicci. It will change your life.


Pippa, Fashion Consultant, Surrey




If you’ve had a busy week and are feeling your energies are drained and you’re exhausted it sounds like giving yourself some nurturing, self-love and time for you could give you what you need.


There are lots of things you can do that can help give you the boost of energy you need including getting enough sleep, eating well, meditation, exercise and more.


Clear Quartz is the supreme energy giving crystal. It can help you physically and mentally and is one of the most powerful ancient crystals.


This dazzling stone is the “feel better crystal” that has a powerful frequency to give you the energy fuelled boost you may need.

It can also help heal different emotional and physical challenges you may be going through.


When my day is full-on I have found that holding my clear Quartz during my morning meditation and during my day invigorates me. I feel the vibrations from this powerful crystal.


Carrying different crystals you choose will give you what you need. Hold the crystal you are most drawn to.




"I’ve recently had three crystal healing treatments with Nicci Roscoe.

I was going through a few challenging periods in my life and had different things to work through.


These sessions have really complimented the Mind Medication work I have been doing with Nicci.I’ve been able to live my life again and feel confident and free and so much stronger to manage everything.


I’ve had an incredible experience with each crystal healing treatment. Every one has been different. I felt so much calmness after each session.


I was experiencing bad headaches before the first session and they disappeared!


I would highly recommend having Crystal Healing with Nicci. It is something special I have never experienced before.



Kate - Finance Director, London.



The Avebury Stone Circle In Avebury Is One Of The Most Spiritual And Peaceful Places I Have Been. Working With Crystals And Being In A Magical Place Was Incredible




Amethyst is one of the most beautiful and known crystals for it's incredible purple colour and for it's numerous healing qualities. It's one of the most powerful crystals and is a wonderful healer in the spiritual world. Hold an amethyst stone close to help with different emotions from stress and anxiety and to enable you to feel calmer and more peaceful.



If you would like to have an initial free phone consultation with Nicci to discuss how she can help you, please email her to or message her on  0044 (0) 7958984195


Crystals are available to purchase. Please contact me as above.


As a Master Crystal Healer and Teacher and Reiki Master Healer and Teacher I'm Delighted To Combine Crystal Healing and Reiki along with other things such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) - That I Give You With The Mind Medication Process

Take Care Of You With Rose Quartz The Crystal Of Love

Feel Courage From Within From Tigers Eye And Feel Protected From Negative Energies With Fluorite

Clear Negative Energies

Citrine Is Known As The Money Crystal It Is Also The Crystal Of Abundance For So Much More

Keep A Piece Of Citrine In Your Pocket, By Your Bed and Hold It When Meditating If Abundance And Happiness Is What You Are Asking For

Sage to cleanse your home, your office space and yourself

Tibetan Tingsha Bells For Creating A Calm Space When Meditating - For Starting & Finishing Meditation And For Clearing Any Unwanted Energies.

Selenite - The Gentlest And Most Sensitive Of Crystals For Self Clearing, Protection And More. Beautiful To Meditate Holding It With Rose Quartz

Re-Energise With Magical Clear Crystal Quartz