How Can Nicci Help You?




Your mental health and wellbeing is so important to how you manage your everyday lifestyle.


Taking care and giving yourself the love you need first will enable you to give to others even more. 



This will give you more energy, peace and calm from within and enable you to find the balance you need to feel happier, confident and more positive.


If you are feeling anxious, living with chronic pain, busy looking after your family/career or finding time to rediscover yourself again and just be 'you' - there are so many ways to help you including one-to-one treatments with Reiki and Crystal healing and courses, Meditation and the beautiful Love Yourself Workshops.  



There are many exercises and positive ways to heal and feel better about yourself. You can get through this. 


Sending you much love and healing energy xx 





"Being shown Nicci Roscoe’s Mind Medication techniques has been a life-changing experience.


I was stuck in a dark hole, suffering from chronic pain and anxiety. As a result of the series of sessions with Nicci, I now smile. I’m happy and looking forward to my future.


My friends and family have noticed a massive change in my attitude towards life.

I’m bubblier. I feel better. In fact, I feel like a new me"


Jessica, Graphic Designer, Surrey


Are you at your wits end, feel stuck and don't know what to do to relieve your pain physically and mentally?


Would you like help to manage stress and anxiety and regain your confidence and focus?



Imagine how it would feel to regain control .... be able to tell your pain, stress or anxiety "I'm in control of you - you aren't in control of me!"


This is what Nicci Roscoe has been doing to help herself and others for over 40 years.


See the article Nicci wrote for The Daily Mail's 'Mail On Sunday' and 'Mail On Line' on the Media Links, Testimonials & Video page                                                 






  •    Managing Challenging Times 
  •   Easing Your Pain Physically And Mentally
  •   Stress And Anxiety 
  •   Managing Overwhelm And Boosting Your Confidence
  •   Managing Chronic Pain
  •   Realigning your focus
  •   Motivation To Make Positive Change
  •   Take Control Of Relationship Issues
  •   Rediscovering You Again 
  •   Believing In Yourself Again And What You Can Achieve
  •   Managing sleep patterns


      Mind Medication Courses, Workshops and One-To-One Sessions Are:


  •  One-To-One Zoom Or Phone Calls Wherever You Are In The World
  •  One-To-One healing treatments Face -To-Face
  •  Half Day Or Full Day Retreats
  •  Group and Team Events including the Love Yourself Workshop, Meditation, Positive Vibes To Lift Your Confidence and Learn To Talk To The Camera with Confidence for your on-line social media and more!
  • Wellbeing Talks On-Line Or In Person For Your Organisation
  • Children's Wellbeing and Boosting Confidence Workshops Including Reiki, Crystals and Meditation
  • Reiki Level 1, Level 2, Reiki Masters
  • Teacher training Crystal Healing Level 1, 2, 3 and 4



"I went to see Nicci following a disastrous relationship break up where I wasn't able to focus on day to day

activities as I couldn't accept that my ex partner had decided not to give me a chance.


Nicci started with working on my healing mentally and physically with Crystal Healing and Reiki to begin the Mind Medication process.


I noticed a difference after just a few sessions where I started to love myself more and focused on my inner feelings and thoughts over external forces.


Nicci has been a life saver and someone who I cannot recomment highly enough. She really did help me get my life back on track and change my mindset on everything I do."


James, Marketing Director, Central London






The crystals give you what you need to help release any blockages to enable you rebalance, give you renewed energy and so much more.


Please click on the Crystal and Reiki Healing link at the top of the page for more information.


"I feel something really has positively shifted in the last few days since the 3rd crystal healing treatment - my energy levels are up, my focus and determination are strong and consistent and I'm feeling happy and positive for all that is coming and that I am working towards. The treatments have really had a wonderful impact and effect and I am so grateful. Thank you Nicci."


Lana, Beauty Therapist, North London



To see more of these testimonials and others please look at Media Links, Testimonials And Videos above.






The first chapter of her book "Fabulous Impact" - Step Into The New You & Rewrite Your Own Script









"Nicci has been an angel in my life sent to me when I was at my lowest point.


Her positivity, enthusiasm and expertise has realigned my focus at work, helped me rediscover my zest for friendship and improved my emotional and mental health.


She has drawn upon all her skills and life experience to help unleash my inner happiness while remaining empathetic and incredibly patient.


I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone needing a sympathetic ear and a guiding light."


Simon, Property Developer, Hounslow





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