My Crystal Guide Children's Workshop with Nicci Roscoe


Saturday 26th July


Ages 7-11 year olds 10.30am - 12.45pm 


Ages 12-15 year olds 2.30pm - 4.45pm  


To Book: Please send a message on the 'contact' page or  email

Nicci to  or whats app

Nicci on: 07958984195


Cost: £27 including a chakra set of crystals

Venue: The Crystal Healer, St Albans 








This fun workshop will teach children how to work with crystals and pendulums. They'll learn about chakras and how these special powerful crystals can help them feel more confident, happy, calm and more! They will also learn to meditate and relax with crystals, and give themselves and others a crystal treatment. 


A fun-packed 2-hour children's workshop with lots of lovely crystals! Come with your friends or make new friends here and give each other crystal treatments. 







Nicci Roscoe is the author of My Crystal Guide co-written with Philip Permutt. She is a Crystal Master Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher, Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Meditation teacher and life coach.

Nicci has worked with young people at all levels, primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities promoting one of her specialist fields, that is: enhancing pupil’s well-being and mental health.


She has programmes designed to help younger children and teenagers and tertiary students manage anxiety and overwhelm by giving them a range of effective techniques to work with including MeditationCrystals and Confidence Boosting.
She also works with teachers and parents giving advice, support and exercises and techniques to help them too.

Nicci worked as a health and fitness TV and radio presenter for Sky One, BBC. and ITV and has published articles in the Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday and other publications including The Daily Express and Woman and Home. A mother of two and doting grandmother, she lives in Hertfordshire, UK. 



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Bookings through Nicci on 07958984195 

£27 including a chakra set of crystals



Bookings and more information through Nicci on 07958984195 


As a Master Crystal Healer and Teacher and Reiki Master Healer and Teacher I'm Delighted To Combine Crystal Healing and Reiki along with other things such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) - That I Give You With The Mind Medication Process

Take Care Of You With Rose Quartz The Crystal Of Love

Feel Courage From Within From Tigers Eye And Feel Protected From Negative Energies With Fluorite

Clear Negative Energies

Citrine Is Known As The Money Crystal It Is Also The Crystal Of Abundance For So Much More

Keep A Piece Of Citrine In Your Pocket, By Your Bed and Hold It When Meditating If Abundance And Happiness Is What You Are Asking For

Sage to cleanse your home, your office space and yourself

Tibetan Tingsha Bells For Creating A Calm Space When Meditating - For Starting & Finishing Meditation And For Clearing Any Unwanted Energies.

Selenite - The Gentlest And Most Sensitive Of Crystals For Self Clearing, Protection And More. Beautiful To Meditate Holding It With Rose Quartz

Re-Energise With Magical Clear Crystal Quartz