How are you and your people with returning to work, or are you still working from home or commuting between the two?


This is a very challenging, stressful and anxious time for many who may be struggling mentally and physically.


"All of us from time to time need a RESET. A reset of calmness, stillness in our minds. Combine that with some deep insight into how the mind works and what to DO specifically to achieve this, requires a specialist. Nicci is a Master Specialist at this and I can talk from personal experience. In one very short hour (the time flew by) Nicci had me in a deep state of relaxed action and did an amazing anchor with 3 keywords....This was a few weeks back and THEY STILL WORK. If you want to find out how to do this, call Nicci. Thanks you Nicci, you are AMAZING" Brian Abbott Business Behaviour Magician


Please contact me to discuss how I can help you and your people. 


Nicci is a Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Master Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Master NLP Practitioner, Business and Lifestyle Coach. 


She has different ways of working depending on your companies needs. All of the options below -  Zoom sessions are also available as well as in person.



I have a designed an assessment questionnaire followed by a 30 minute session once i have looked at it - to give advice, exercises and tips. If you'd like to know more please contact me.  





How happy is everyone in your organisation?


Is the performance of each individual as successful as you’d like?


    Are overall team results as impressive as they could 



    Is the absentee rate too high?



    Lack of wellbeing and problems relating to mentaL health can be a huge threat to

    your organisation’s success.


The negative performance of one person can detrimentally affect everyone’s mood and productivity.


"I recently had a wellness session with Nicci and all I can say now is that I am so much more "chilled" than before. She taught me a 3 words meditation process, which I do daily now and will cherish for the rest of my life. Please do try her services, as I promise it will be life changing for you and your family. Thank you so much for all your help Nicci" Francis West Cyber Security Taught Leader


Stress, anxiety, overwhelm or lack of confidence are often key factors behind a team member’s poor performance and lack of engagement.


There may be times when leaders, managers or team members notice that a colleague is acting irrationally and is unsettling the rest of the team.


Mental health awareness and managing mental wellbeing can have a positive impact on your team.


"I highly recommend Nicci Roscoe for her well being sessions which include her word meditation and guided meditations online and in person. Nicci has given me great practical tips, tools and techniques that I can use every day and has such a lovely empathy and understanding. The sessions online feel as though I am in the room with Nicci as I have experienced seeing her in person too. After each session I felt at peace, with more energy and much more confidence. My mind was much clearer which allowed me to plan my goals better. Nicci’s energy work is outstanding and she is always readily available on What’s App for additional advice. Nicci’s guidance is invaluable and I am always looking forward to my sessions with her. Thank you so much Nicci " Bhawesh Shah London


Having a Mind Medication programme in place provides a solution on what to do and gives support and understanding especially during these times.






·      Emotional outbursts

·      Irritability

·      Lack of focus

·      Unnecessary worrying

·      Mood swings

·      Lateness for work

·      Lack of energy

·      Lack of productivity

·      Poor engagement with colleagues, clients and prospects

·      Frequent Illness

·      Prolonged unhappiness

·      Moodiness

·      Unprovoked anger


These and other signs may be indications of wellbeing problems and mental health

issues that could be affecting your company’s performance.


By recognising and understanding the needs of your team early on this can prevent a mental health issue from spiraling out of control.







·      Team members gain access to ongoing one-to-one support to help manage their wellbeing and mental health

·      Everyone benefits from knowing there is a “go to” person they can approach for confidential assistance

·      Participants benefit by gaining tools and techniques to build resiliance and boost their wellbeing and performance every day








Nicci works with organisations in a range of ways to help them tackle their wellbeing and mental health issues.


Her initial work can be through a series of one-day or half-day Mind Medication workshops.


Here Nicci gives participants effective tools and techniques to help them deal with issues such as managing stress, anxiety and overwhelm.


The workshops help leaders, managers and team members gain a greater understanding of the ways in which wellbeing and mental health issues can be handled more effectively within your workplace.


The workshops can be accompanied by a series of one-to-one Mind Medication sessions.


These help individuals tackle their challenges in a confidential environment.


Through a combination of workshops and individual sessions, Nicci helps teams deal with life’s challenges in ways that make both individuals and teams happier, more harmonious and more productive.



"Nicci Roscoe is someone whose services we have used for many years - both for life/ management coaching as well as for dealing with difficult individuals with complicated problems.


The results have always been exceptional.


Nicci has an incredible way about her and has the ability to turn around individuals suffering from anxiety and stress as well as helping to train people that lack in areas such as confidence.


Having heard about Nicci many years ago through a personal contact, we have seen some incredibly difficult individual situations turned around. I feel that Nicci is an asset to any organisation and makes a strong impact on individuals that need certain skills that are lacking.


I would recommend Nicci highly"


Grant Morris, CEO and owner, Elite Associates Europe



To explore how Mind Medication For Wellbeing & Mental Health can work best in your organisation:



Email: nicciroscoe@mindmedication.co.uk

Phone: 0044 (0) 7958984195






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