Many children or students who are at school, college or university are feeling anxious and overwhelmed during these challenging times.


This can also affect younger children as well.



"My 4 year old developed anxiety very quickly and severely after lockdown during the covid-19 pandemic. She spent 3 months sleeping on the floor by our bedroom in order to be closer to us and was waking numerous times to check we were still there. 


I was recommended to see Nicci through a friend. I had no experience with crystals or reiki healing and other than being open to trying alternative therapies I didn’t know what to expect. 


My daughter had her first session with Nicci and was so comfortable talking to her about how she felt that she asked me to leave the room! Now she asks me on a weekly basis when we can go back to see her. 


I couldn’t have imagined a better outcome with an anxious free, relaxed and happy child (who now is the proud owner of her own gorgeous crystal collection which she cherishes next to her bed). 


Nicci is extremely gentle natured and great with children. After 2 treatments my daughter’s anxiety had completely diminished and she was back to sleeping happily in her own bed/bedroom and feeling safe. 

Nicci identified the crystals she needed for her personal wellbeing and she has found a real love and connection with these.


I can’t thank Nicci enough for being magic, she hugely changed our lives for the better!"


Natalie, London



Children's and teenagers' mental health and wellbeing is even more important to look out for because they are more vulnerable since COVID 19.


Parents are also feeling anxious about their children being at school and their older children leaving home to live at University.  It’s important for parents to be aware of their own mental health and wellbeing too as it has been very challenging and daunting for so many.



I’ve been helping children from ages 4 to 18+ who are at school or uni and there are many exercises to help them including the SBIS exercise:




 IMAGINE (being in a lovely place)



Positive affirmations such a saying ' I believe in myself' 'I can do this' 'I'm confident' can help change negative thoughts to positive one's when said regularly.  Breathing exercises, meditation and more will all make a positive difference.



I also work with four specific crystals to help children at school in all areas including their exams.


They can also be very powerful for all students and adults going back to work or working from home or having challenges getting back on track right now.


These crystals come in a pack of four and help relaxation, nerves and worry, clearing their head space to think and focus.  


Whenever you feel worried and need a boost and comfort hold them together in your hand, sleep with them under your pillow or keep them on your bedside table. 


These are the crystals going clockwise from the top in the photo :


Aventurine - helps you to relax when feeling tense and worried. Very calming and helps you to breathe better


Amazonite - calms the nerves if you’re feeling nervous or anxious


Snow Quartz - clears the mind - really good taking worrysome thoughts out of your mind and clearing head space so you can think about new things


Fluorite Helps you focus






Having a routine is very important to give children structure which they haven't had it. This can also help give them focus. 


It’s very understandable that children will be feeling different emotions and parents need to look for signs from them including:


  • Noticing if they seem more anxious or distressed and more tearful and emotional
  • They may have sleeping issues and may not be eating as much
  • Maybe they’re quieter than usual 
  • Some younger children may have started wetting their bed


All of these symptoms are important for parents to look out for and if they do notice these they can help them by:


  • Talking to them, reassuring them and letting them know you understand and it’s ok to talk about their feelings if they’re worried about anything
  • Tell them you’re there to help them and you love them
  • They need to know you’re there for them and all will be ok
  • Having a ROUTINE will give them structure to focus on


At the same time it’s important for parents to look after their own wellbeing and mental health.


Please let me know if I can help your child or if you'd like to talk to me.


If you’d like a crystal pack you can email me to nicciroscoe@mindmedication.co.uk


The crystal packs are available for £9.95 including postage and packing and any additional sets are £5 extra. Postage and packaging will be different when sending to America or anywhere else in the world.  We only do a signed for service to make sure you receive your crystals.