Enhancing Pupils' Wellbeing & Mental Health                                              



COVID-19 has thrown us all into a 'new normal world' and way of living whether you are working from home or gone back to school.


Many children and teenagers are feeling frightened, worried and confused.  They miss their regular routines, family, friends and school teachers. Change can bring on different forms of anxiety and overwhelm. Starting back at school can be very challenging for them.


Teachers are also challenged by now working from home and having to get used to on-line classes. Many have also found it very daunting going back into the classroom and social distancing.


Managing our wellbeing and mental health is key to coping effectively with this very challenging time.

Nicci is a Crystal Master Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Master NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner.  She has different ways of working depending on current government advice. All of the options below - written pre-coronavirus- are also available on Zoom sessions as well as in person.


There's information about the various offers - including one-to-one sessions and workshops for your school, college or university.


These are designed to help younger children and teenagers and tertiary students manage anxiety and overwhelm by giving them a range of effective techniques.  


I also offer teachers and parents advice, support, exercises and techniques to help them too. 


Please contact me via email to nicciroscoe@mindmedication.co.uk or the telephone number below to discuss how I can help you, your children, students, family and friends.


We will get through this.


Please take care, stay well and stay safe.     



Looking after the wellbeing and mental health of children from an early age can help build resilience, boost confidence and help them learn how to manage anxiety and overwhelm.


Practising positive Mind Medication exercises and techniques - including working with Crystals and Meditation - from an early age through to teenage years and beyond can greatly reduce pressure at home, school, college and university.




Being in the moment and putting a smile back on their face again while they begin to feel calmer  from the inside out can promote positive outcomes at home and at school. This typically leads to happier children, teenagers and adults.


Here are some of the mindful exercises we focus on:



  • Being in the moment
  • Having fun
  • Focusing on the positive and learning how to stay calm and relaxed through learning different mindful exercises
  • Meditation
  • Working with Crystals
  • Breathing exercises
  • Positive self-talk
  • Visualisation
  • Having fun dancing to music
  • Writing and saying positive affirmations


Remembering happy times and focusing on the moment can help pupils to manage any worry or anxiety they may be feeling. 



Having these tools from an early age can give them a more positive outlook and help young people manage challenging times throughout their life.





Children and teenagers wellbeing is a key to their progress. Learning these positive techniques and how to be in the moment can take off so much pressure.


There can be different reasons associated with a child's anxiety that may not necessarily relate to exam time. It could be to do with their confidence throughout the year at home and in class. By giving them mindful exercises and talking through how to manage and change their thought patterns can have a profoundly positive effect.


When children from an early age through to their teens feel they need help and want to talk these sessions are a way to give them the opportunity to open up and feel comfortable to express themselves.








Exams can create considerable pressure and anxiety among pupils. This can cause big worries about achieving desired grades, competition within peer groups and huge amounts of anxiety and pressures for the whole family.


This can have a massive impact on the wellbeing, energy levels and self-esteem of pupils.


Mind Medication gives pupils the tools and techniques to help them manage and overcome these  pressures before and during the exam period.


Pupils will obtain more energy and self-confidence. They'll feel more relaxed, positive and happy - enabling them to better manage the challenges of the exam period.



Mind Medication is offered as a series of programmes or one-off sessions with individual year groups.



One-To-One Sessions


Nicci Roscoe also offers support for individual pupils on a one-to-one basis for those who are struggling and need extra guidance.  Each session is tailored to the requirements of the pupils. They're able to discuss any underlying issues they may have in a confidential environment.

“Thank you so much for the time you spent with Lara. She felt comfortable straight away and feels really positive after her appointment. She said it was really good and said she is now visualising her bad tummy feeling in a different way and it doesn’t hurt her or make her feel sick now. She is meditating every day and learning what makes her feel anxious such as too many arrangements that she finds very overwhelming and how to deal with things in the moment”

Mum, Stanmore, North London


“Tonight after her session with you I saw the old Sophie for the first time in a while!  Thank you so much. I know she is looking forward to seeing you again next week. We are feeling relieved”.


Mum, North London



Pupils may not be showing outward signs of anxiety and overwhelm. This can often be uncovered when the pupil attends an initial Mind Medication 60-90 minute session and are given the opportunity to have additional one-to-one sessions if they would like them. 






What Nicci Roscoe Offers Your Pupils



  •   A 60-90 minute fun interactive session with each year group or class. This session gives pupils an initial introduction to Mind Medication to boost confidence and give them exercises to manage any anxiety and worries they may have.  Pupils are able to utilise techniques immediately to help them with their challenges in everyday life - in and out of school.


  •   A series of six 60-90 minute fun interactive sessions which are tailored for each school year over a 10-month period. Sessions focus on different needs throughout the year including exam preparation, managing their time and wellbeing - enabling pupils to feel happier and even more focused when revising for each topic. The wellbeing and mental health of pupils is key to how they feel and how productive they are. If any pupils are suffering in silence, these sessions can give them the courage to ask for more help if they need it.


  • A half day session with each year group or class to enable pupils to see and feel how effective these powerful Mind Medication techniques are when put into practice every day. This session gives pupils more time to work on the techniques and the opportunity to question Nicci Roscoe on how best to apply them.






Mind Medication For Parents


Nicci Roscoe has also developed a programme specifically aimed at showing parents how to best manage the lead-up to exam times at home and help their children. She gives them exercises, tools and techniques to help manage any of their children's anxiety or worry at different times during the school year and to look at different things that may help with their routine at home if necessary.


During the session with the parents Nicci teaches them meditation and exercises to enable them to help their children focus on feeling calmer, having fun and being in the moment.




Channing School, Highgate, North London


"Exam revision can be quite a dry topic, but not with Nicci Roscoe! She manages to pull off the seemingly impossible task of getting her audience to associate exam preparation with fun. Her approach is to help pupils see the positive benefits of studying, and to realise the importance of ‘balance’ when striving for success. Through a series of exercises such as anchoring, challenging negative thoughts and exploring self-actualisation techniques, she helped them to address their anxieties and consider a variety of revision techniques. Nicci is the perfect antidote to boring KS3 exam preparation lessons!”


– Pete Gittins Assistant Head Of Middle Year Channing School




Sir William Borlase's Grammar School, Marlow, Bucks

6th Form Video








Cambridge Leadership Academy






 "Nicci has been great in boosting the confidence and presentation skills of everyone on the programme, engaging them fully throughout the session and getting their active participation. I will definitely recommend Nicci if you want your participants to have a fun, engaging and lasting experience with successful results."

Chika Akinwale, Director, Cambridge Leadership Academy 

Testimonials from Students From The Cambridge Leadership Academy

“I loved it. It was as valuable as a diamond”

“I took part in a confidence boosting and presentation skills training with Nicci Roscoe and it was absolutely amazing and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.



“Now I feel more comfortable and confident in myself since doing the session with Nicci. I never used to believe in myself but now I do and I know I can do it whatever it is I wish to do in my life”



I truly benefitted from the tips Nicci gave and through practising in front of everyone. I am extremely thankful for the help she has provided.


I would never replace my part in it for anything. It was an honor to learn from the best and thanks to Nicci I’m ready to step into the professional world with the presentation skills I learnt from her.

















To discuss Nicci's programmes for your school, college or university please contact her on:


Email: nicciroscoe@mindmedication.co.uk

Tel:     07958984195